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Madison Green Box was created by Lori A. Carlson and Michael J. Bleker. Lori is a retired Audiologist and Mike is a Real Estate Professional. Lori's passion of a "greener" lifestyle and Mike’s professional experience combined to help grow this idea. Mike has been employed in the multi-family housing industry since the mid-1990s and has always been bothered by the dumpsters overflowing with cardboard during the busy moving months; he knows how many resources including time and money are wasted on cardboard.

Research uncovered a simple, eco-friendly business model successfully utilized in other major markets across the country. Our goal was to create a business that provides a highly sustainable alternative to cardboard moving boxes. We quickly learned that the convenience of our product and service is the #1 draw for most of our customers.

Our Mission

To make moving/remodeling easier on you and the environment with our products and excellent service.


James Bates

“Being my 2nd time using MGB, I like how Lori just makes me feel like a sincere friend every time. It doesn't feel like a business transaction but just getting help from a friend.”

Beth A. Zinsli

“They were willing to bend over backwards to help us with our move! The communication was prompt and clear, the price was extremely reasonable for the convenience of the service.”

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