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You may reserve a 4 hour window and we will narrow that window the day before.

Monday - Thursday:
  • 8am-12pm
  • 12pm-4pm
  • 4pm-8pm

  • 8am-12pm
  • 12pm-4pm

We appreciate as much notice as possible.

A week’s notice usually ensures that you will receive your boxes on your preferred date and in the time window that is most convenient for you. We need to make sure that the boxes are in stock and clean, coordinate scheduling, and make sure that there is enough room on the truck.

Yes, we call by the end of the next business day to confirm the details of your on-line order.

Our discussion may prompt you to make changes. You may also modify your order at a later time if your situation changes such as the move date.

We will deliver your plastic moving boxes and other moving supplies right to the doorstep of your home or business.

They nest inside one another saving space and no assembly is required. We pick them up at your new place.

We want to save you time.

No, we do not staff our warehouse. It is much more efficient for us to come to you. Our delivery and pickup is really half the convenience of our service.

We accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

We have mobile payment terminals and will collect payment upon delivery.

We offer free delivery and pick-up service in Dane County.

Please call to discuss availability and service charges outside of Dane County.

We provide a removable label for each box.

Painter’s tape and masking tape easily peel off the boxes making them a good option if you desire additional labeling. We ask that you return the boxes in the condition in which they were received therefore any labeling needs to be removed.

The boxes are 2.5 cubic feet.

The widest dimensions are 27 inches by 17 inches by 12 inches. There is some tapering of the boxes to allow for nesting therefore the bottom of the box is a bit smaller.

They are similar to cardboard wardrobe boxes except they are made of corrugated plastic and can be reused hundreds of times.

They make it possible to hang clothing like a closet and move the whole box with hanging clothes inside. Madison Green Box plastic wardrobe boxes are 21 inches by 24 inches wide by 48 inches tall.

No, moving is up to you.

We make it easier on you, your wallet, and the environment. We may be able to make moving company recommendations based on your situation.


We deliver your boxes and supplies ready to use. You don't need to spend hours gathering, building, taping, and breaking down boxes. We quickly take them away when you are done.


We save you time and let’s face it, time is money. It can be very cost effective as long as you don’t want to keep the boxes forever. Our boxes make the moving process more efficient therefore you often save money on your hired movers.


Cardboard boxes and paper waste are a huge problem in our landfills – Madison Green Box is a zero waste moving system.

Our drop off and pick-up service means you're not driving all over the city picking up flimsy boxes.

Used moving boxes are a more sustainable solution than buying new cardboard boxes however, cardboard moving boxes absorb lots of dirt, bacteria, and other things you really don't want on your stuff. Each Madison Green Box plastic moving box is thoroughly disinfected after each use.

Each Madison Green Box plastic moving box will be reused hundreds of times before being fully recycled.

They are made of easy to recycle High Density PolyEthylene. Typically, cardboard moving boxes are used less than twice before being disposed of or recycled. The Environmental Protection Agency states that reuse is much better than recycling because recycling takes a lot of energy. Using Madison Green Box greatly reduces your environmental footprint. Madison Green Box is a zero waste moving system – all of the products we provide are either reused or recycled. Every time someone uses Madison Green Box we reduce the number of trees being cut down to make cardboard moving boxes.

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